Virtual Office and Voicemail

Virtual office and voicemail: a tailor-made experience

Making your working life easier is our job. Your only job is to focus on developing your business and we shall take care of everything else. Our virtual office is what in the management lingo is called the facility key to the management of your professional business.

A virtual office is a totally innovative solution that also ensures the best fulfilment of your professional and personal purposes, depending on the needs and goals set by the company. Better alone than in bad company: with our virtual office and personal voicemail, your way of working shall be truly revolutionary.

Always with a view to enhancing your own professional identity, with our virtual office, we at Vernea 31 offer you an even more cost-effective solution if you are rarely physically in the office but you have to have one.

Virtual office and voicemail: here is how it works

The virtual office is an innovative and useful solution. This is how it works and what options we make available to you depending on your needs.

You can start with a basic package including mailing address at VERNEA 31 with dedicated telephone line (area code “011”) and you can then activate a call forwarding service to redirect your calls to a mobile phone or any other number of your choice.

Another option is to activate the auto reply or voicemail options or request a customized service with a secretary who shall answer in the name of the company or professional and take note of all incoming phone calls.

If you have a virtual office and voicemail and you need to meet clients or collaborators, you can do so at any time by using our day-office or meeting room formulas. Thanks to this flexibility, you will avoid high overheads and will limit the costs to the actual use of the required services.

Our virtual office and voicemail service will enable you to:

  • Expand your network from your home;
  • Focus your efforts on the things that really matter in your profession;
  • Remain flexible in the management of your projects.

We guarantee highly cost-effective solutions if your job causes you to be rarely physically present in the office.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us. We shall provide you with all the necessary information on our spaces. We offer flexible contract terms and conditions suitable for businesses of any size.