Offices, coworking spaces and relax area.

A fresh and dynamic restyling has been carried out in order to create a cozy, stimulating and gritty environment. This is not a dream, but a working reality designed to be appealing, with spaces featuring contemporary and professional design.

The idea behind the spaces of Vernea 31 is to deliver top quality and professionalism and to make you all think the same thing when visiting them: “This is the place I was looking for, both for myself and for my clients!”


Up and running in no time. This is no buzzword, it’s real! Our offices are equipped with everything you need to start working immediately.


With a capacity of up to 30 people, our rooms are cozy and bright and are equipped with flipcharts, notebooks and pens, and a video screen.


This service is only available for businesses and allows you to use our address as your company’s registered office address.


A virtual office is the most cost-effective solution if you are rarely physically in the office but you have to have one.


With this service, you can use the address of V.31 as your address for receiving mail and parcels both for personal and corporate purposes.


A stimulating working environment fosters success. A strong entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of our services and we truly believe that “temporary spaces” means that only spaces are temporary, not your ideas or ambitions.

We intentionally paid attention and devoted most of our time to each and every detail, even the smallest, taking meticulous care of our spaces and services, from the reception desk to the break area, through to our offices and meeting rooms.

All the spaces available to you are designed and managed in order to guarantee top quality and security. Also the common areas are designed to offer you as much comfort as possible so that you can relax, get to know your prospective clients or suppliers or – why not? – simply have the opportunity to chat and take a break from work.

Our spaces: not just mere fashionable locations, but sound foundations for your projects.

Success begets success. That’s why at Vernea 31 we deliver spaces for individuals or communities of workers of any kind. Whether you are a thinker and creative, a manager o professional, our spaces can be defined as “enablers”, i.e. places that enable you to expand your network and to give a real, tangible shape to your ideas and your professionalism.

A future that is already here in the present, an innovative way of working that ensures your success. Our places can be seen as a true smart working network offering opportunities for reflection and individual work and, at the same time, for organizing business events, meetings as well as networking and sharing.

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Not a temporary location for short-term placement, but a base for all of your projects. All the spaces feature a contemporary style and guarantee the highest efficiency and a unique expression of pure design.

All individual workstations, ranging from dedicated offices to a flexible space for coworking, through to the meeting rooms, conference rooms and virtual offices, have been recently given new life through a thorough revamping action and hence are perfectly fit for helping you to fulfil your personal and professional goals.

All spaces are well lighted both by natural and artificial light. Moreover, all areas feature an excellent Internet service and the high-speed Wi-Fi connection will contribute to ensure your business success.

Culture plays a key role and it is important that it may grow in an innovative setting where ideas develop, hand in hand with any type of business, thus fostering personal relations that evolve as part of the process. Our spaces are furnished and accessible at any time, thanks to customizable solutions that can be adjusted according to your specific needs. All you need to do is focus on your business and we will take care of everything else.

Spaces available from Vernea 31

The spaces we offer include:

  • Furnished offices
  • Meeting rooms and training room
  • Virtual office and voicemail
  • Mailing address
  • Legal business address

Catering to all your needs. Developing new business opportunities and growing your network. Even though we cannot take away all of your daily working problems, we can certainly make them less complicated by providing you with highly qualified and suitable spaces.

Business-oriented spaces: leveraging our energy to expand your network.

Our spaces are the perfect breeding ground for nurturing your talents because you are at the core of everything. Feeling well means working better. This is why the productivity and growth of a business or an individual professional can be enhanced by events organized in the right places. A serene, comfortable setting fosters productivity and as your satisfaction grows, so does our professionalism.