Meeting Rooms and Training Rooms

Meeting rooms and training room: meeting has never been this smart

Our rooms are available to both those clients who rent the furnished offices located in our facilities and to anyone who wants to use them for as long as they need.

Our meeting rooms can host from 1 to 30 people and are always impeccable, thus capable of making a positive impact on your mood at work. At your arrival, you will find all types of rooms (both meeting and training rooms) clean and at the ideal temperature. Close your eyes and imagine how a welcoming place may provide you with a sense of wellness and consequently how simple rooms can make a difference in your daily professional balance. Thanks to our professionalism and to our rooms made available to you, everything shall be a little easier.

The meeting rooms – and the training room itself – are welcoming, bright and fitted with the necessary equipment.
All rooms are equipped with:

  • flipchart;
  • notebooks and pens;
  • a video screen to share images from your mobile phones and computers

Smart working and support services

Smart working is becoming increasingly more popular and, thanks to our fully equipped and organized rooms, each of you, regardless of whether you are an employee of a large or medium-sized enterprise or a professional, will find that our room provide the ideal setting for working off-site, with all necessary support services.

Even if the use of smart phones and laptops has now made it easier to work dynamically and remotely, working face to face – in a perfectly comfortable place – is still a critically valuable asset when you want to achieve ambitious goals. For this reason, in order to contribute to improving working relations, with our rooms we strive to offer the ideal place for a high-level professional work that cannot be carried out properly in a bar or public place where you are surrounded by prying eyes and ears, disturbing noises, kitchen smells and unsuitable lighting. Therefore, our meeting rooms are an excellent investment, a choice based on value, not only from a monetary standpoint but also and mainly in terms of image, trust and professionalism.

Our meeting rooms offer a neat and elegant setting that can enhance your own image, adding prestige and very high quality. Our innovative rooms with contemporary design are perfect for hosting all of your meetings and are ideal both for small and medium-sized enterprises. They are also perfect for those who need a meeting room equipped with every comfort and service that you may need for your personal purposes or for extending the capacity of your main office.

Brainstorming, meet-ups, more or less formal meetings: all you need to do is send the address to your guests and we will take care of everything else – connections, network coverage, catering and so much more.

Meeting rooms and training room: between growth and collaboration

Facilitating dialogue and learning through flexible and customizable solutions and fittings that help concentration and foster creativity: all this is at the core of the structure of our rooms. In fact, sharing is a blessing for your business and in our rooms you can focus completely on your work, in an environment where space design supports knowledge and the desire to interact and share ideas. Our rooms can host a large number of people and therefore you can also organize corporate events or parties, also with a view to fostering the creation of profitable professional relations.

Meeting rooms and training room: our main concern is your business

Workshops, conferences, gala dinner parties, press days, private parties: for any kind of event, we create the most appropriate solution for you. With bright, innovatively designed settings, all rooms offer a full-fledged, detailed service – from Internet connection to audio and video media management, through to food & beverage provided by our catering service. Booking one of our meeting rooms designed for you, your team and eventually your clients shall enable you to focus entirely on your work, with ease and confidence that you will enjoy a valuable service, fulfilling even your smallest needs. From audio and video systems and flipcharts to food and beverage, from cleaning to customized fitting: in our rooms you will always find everything you need.

Never losing sight of what surrounds us and the direction in which the labor market is evolving, we at Vernea 31 are committed to consistently search for practical solutions to all kinds of issues that you may encounter in the industry. In light of all this, we decided to rent our meeting rooms and training room so that any highly qualified person always has the opportunity to enjoy an excellent working and personal experience at our facilities. All meeting rooms can be booked by anyone at affordable prices. Our job is to make yours easier. In fact, our rooms are much more than mere working, meeting or training spaces. Feeling at home has never been so simple. The rooms were designed also in light of the fact that we at Vernea 31 believe that in order for you to build your own network it is not enough to recognize your best possible partners but you also need to know with certainty where to go and who to rely on to get high-standard, valuable and professional rooms. Standing out and gain visibility is important and with our services and rooms we can proudly state that we can provide you with a suitable space to strengthen and improve your business and, most of all, your working quality.

The first impression matters a lot and we at Vernea 31 always try to ensure that your presentation is flawless and unforgettable by enhancing the image of each of you, through our settings and by carefully managing all details in our rooms.

Making a sure splash has never been so easy!