Mailing Address

Flexibility is the name of the game

Feeling part of our great family has never been so easy because we offer the best service to guarantee the highest commitment to the achievement of your goals. Our mailing address service is the best solution for those who want to get access to all spaces, work on the go, in a sophisticated and elegant manner, but also with a focus on privacy and professionalism.

The mailing address service can be activated by anyone and for many different purposes and needs. This is the basic service and is included in all rental contracts that you can enter into with the Business Center. In essence, our mailing address service consists in using the address of VERNEA 31 as your own address for receiving your personal or corporate mail and parcels. We guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and a flawless professionalism.

The mailing address service is ideal for:

  • Individuals who do not have a concierge service available at home or do not want their incoming mail to be sent to their home address can completely rely on the business center for this purpose;
  • Professionals who will no longer need to give their private address, thus benefiting in terms of their privacy and image (you can also choose to affix a nameplate at the entrance);
  • Businesses or companies that wish to do so may easily use the address of a more prestigious building.

Mailing address service for your business

Every letter or parcel that shall be received thanks to the mailing address service shall be registered and kept for you until you collect it. If needed, they can also be forwarded to the address that you may designate from time to time.

Moreover, subject to a written authorization, the mailing address service will allow you to eventually agree on an additional facilitation service, i.e., subject to the crucial requirement of your prior written authorization, we can open your correspondence, scan it and e-mail it to you.

This additional and optional component of our mailing address service will enable you to immediately view your mail without ever having to physically come to our facilities.

The mailing address service includes:

  • Use of the address of VERNEA 31 as your corporate, commercial and mailing address;
  • Use of our address on your letterhead, business cards, web site, advertising materials, etc.;
  • Receipt of ordinary mail (including registered letters);
  • Scanning and forwarding of your correspondence to your e-mail address (subject to your written authorization);
  • Dedicated space for your documentation;
  • Your personal or corporate name displayed on the mail box;
  • Free Open Card.

The mailing address service also features additional optional services that, being add-ons, can be requested more often subject to an extra charge. They include:

  • Forwarding of the received mail to another address via courier or post service by Poste Italiane;
  • Corporate nameplate at the entrance;
  • Important correspondence (more than 20 receptions per month)