Legal Business Address

Legal business address: top security and professionalism.

The legal business address service is available only for businesses and it allows you to use our address as your company’s registered office address and designate it to the competent authorities such as the VAT Office and the Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks to this service, you can have all of your commercial, legal and fiscal documents delivered to the legal business address and you will no longer need to receive mail and parcels at your office or home.

This will be done with the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism, which are at the core of our legal business address service. In fact, you will be promptly notified within the agreed terms and all received items will be stored for you until they are collected or, if requested, they will be forwarded to another address.

The legal business address service includes:

  • Use of the address as your legal, commercial and mail business address;
  • Use of the address on your letterhead, business cards, web site, advertising materials, etc.;
  • Receipt of ordinary and extra-ordinary mail, legal, fiscal and commercial documents, including letters, parcels, registered letters, telegrams, couriers. etc.;
  • Scanning and forwarding of your received and stored mail through e-mail (subject to your written authorization);
  • Dedicated space for your documentation;
  • Your personal or corporate name displayed on the mail box.

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The legal business address service also features additional services that, being optional add-ons, can be requested more often subject to an extra charge. They include:

  • Forwarding of the received mail to another address via courier or post service by Poste Italiane (for an extra cost);
  • Corporate nameplate at the entrance;
  • Important correspondence (more than 20 receptions per month)