Furnished offices in Turin

Furnished offices to get you up and running in no time: sharing rhymes with innovation

This is no buzzword, it’s real! And it is not something planned for the future, it is available now! Our offices are equipped with everything you need to start working immediately. All utilities – electricity, heating/cooling, WiFi and wired lines, telephone, secretarial support – are already active.

The purpose of all this is to ensure the highest comfort. In fact, our furnished offices are made available regardless of whether the request is made for one person or 30 and more people. Vernea 31 can also fulfil the requirements for large volumes for temporary and emergency solutions or for planned solutions designed for a specific event and/or occasion.

All offices are fully furnished. They are equipped with:

  • desk,
  • chair,
  • cabinet,
  • closets.

Furnished offices in Turin for any need. We are ready for anything!

Our furnished offices are always ready and available to fulfil any request that you may have, whether collective or individual. Here are some examples of the emergency situations that we can easily tackle with our furnished offices:

  • A restructuring project under development requiring a large number of people to be moved out of the facilities for a few months;
  • Severe damage to the property;
  • A temporary request for staff for a specific project;
  • A long-term transfer to our facilities because this is simply the best solution to minimize your corporate costs.

If on Monday you need an individual workstation to finalize the details of a project, then on Tuesday you need a desk to work with your colleagues, on Wednesday you need a room to welcome and have lunch with one or more clients, and so on, at Vernea 31 we can offer you a broad range of solutions to promptly cater to all of your needs.

Upon request, your furnished office(s) can eventually be customized with pictures of your past works or tailor-made effects. Another very important feature of our furnished offices is that every room is equipped with a lock and our customers will have access 24×7.

Therefore, our furnished offices are both separate spaces allowing individuals to work efficiently and a shared working space adjusted to the specific needs of our customers: a fixed desk or a mobile space, for part-time or full-time use, for a predefined period of time or even just one day for a few hours. All of our offices are available to fulfil your most diverse requirements and their quality is really high since they feature an excellent Wi-Fi connection, a printer, and access to your personal social media networks.

Furnished offices: beyond walls

Our furnished offices do not have walls but infinite possibilities. In fact, the space can be organized depending on your specific needs. Privacy and sharing, creativity and concentration, formal and informal atmosphere, individual and shared work. Everything is possible. It only depends on your specific needs.

We always have the right answer simply because, as professionals, our mission is to make your work more productive than ever.
Networking with local professionals or creating opportunities for interactions and training will always be easy in our furnished offices, also thanks to the large spaces set up for meetings and conferences. All of our furnished offices shall provide the ideal setting for your business

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Our furnished offices are also equipped with closets where you can leave your jacket or gym bag before sitting at a shared table to work. Alternatively, if you need more space, on request, you can book a meeting room for a few hours of a full day.

In our furnished offices you will always enjoy the privacy you want while still having the opportunity to get to know people who work in other industries or do the same job as you. You may have coffee in the relax area or engage in discussions in a meeting room to just take the opportunity to establish a dialogue, share and potentially develop new relations and partnerships. Therefore, it will be easy to find poeple who are on your wavelength or are unquestionably like-minded and share your view of workspace and international networking, working towards an increasingly innovative and modern direction. In our furnished offices you will always feel in the right place for business, meetings, networking opportunities and will invariably enjoy the most advanced way of working along increasingly more innovative and contemporary paths.

To support this new “Work 2.0” paradigm, we at Vernea 31 are consistently committed to providing new stimuli for you and your business, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth in a work environment that is ideal both for professionals looking for a venue where they can meet their clients and for freelancers looking for an ever-evolving network.

In essence, our furnished offices are not mere offices but a network of potential partners and clients close at hand.